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Viridi Designs brings spaces to life with moss and botanical art.

Looking for something to spruce up your home? Let us plant one on ya. Viridi Designs’ stunning moss and botanical art installations bring interiors to life (literally) while incorporating some much-needed greenery into your space.

Local artist Cindy Douglas’ Viridi Designs grew out of the realization that everyone loves plants, but not everyone knows how to take care of them (guilty!). Armed with a master’s degree in horticulture, Douglas was immediately hooked on the trend of biophilic designs and bringing touches of nature inside. She figured moss was the perfect choice for her abstract art pieces, given its low-maintenance upkeep and versatility—not to mention its many variations in color and texture.

The best part? These beautiful living walls barely require you to lift a green thumb—no watering or pruning required. “Unbeleafable,” indeed. All you have to do is keep them out of direct sunlight,  and you’ve got greenery that’ll last close to a decade.

The plant—aka “the new paint”—provided Douglas the unique opportunity to work in 3D to create eye-catching visions and texture for any space. Right now, curious types can peep one of her installed botanical installations at Margaux’s Restaurant through June.

Designed specifically for Margaux’s, the piece was born out of a fateful dinner convo. On a whim while dining at the restaurant with her husband, Douglas showed a photo of her art to their waiter, who passed it along to owner Steve Harowitz. And the rest, as they say, is history. Margaux’s is “really big on sponsoring the art community—especially newer artisans,” says Douglas. “They sponsor you, and you get to showcase your artwork.”

At the beginning of each project, Douglas likes to establish “the brand [and] what it is they’re looking for in [the] space.” From there, she can decide the nature of the piece and what the theme will be. Her project for Margaux’s revolved around the theme of woodland fantasy—bringing the whimsy of nature to life inside the restaurant. Once the overall idea is established, Douglas and her team begin storyboarding, keeping in mind “how it looks in nature” and how to bring “various spaces… to life.”

The entire process takes months to complete from beginning to end, but Douglas loves how rewarding it is once a commission is finished—and the one-of-a-kind designs add a riveting appeal. She’s a true “moss boss,” if you will.

And Douglas is just beginning to sow her seeds, with plans to continue growing her business—making a mark on as many Raleigh locales and homes as she can. “I am hoping the showcase inspires designers and office managers to see how Viridi Designs can bring spaces to life and enhance their customers and employee experience,” says Douglas. Grow on. virididesigns.com

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